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Live classes and events, online and in-person, facilitated by Julie in safe and welcoming environments.

About Julie's Live Spiritual Classes and Events

Julie’s live spiritual healing events and classes, available both online and in-person, create a safe and welcoming environment for individuals to explore and deepen their spiritual journey. These sessions, designed to cater to a diverse range of spiritual interests and levels, are led with compassion and expertise, ensuring a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere. Whether joining remotely or in person, participants are immersed in a supportive community, engaging in practices that foster healing, growth, and connection. Julie’s events are more than just classes; they are transformative experiences that encourage self-discovery, healing, and a stronger sense of community among those who attend.

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Currently, Julie does not have any classes or events scheduled. To be notified when Julie does offer new classes and events, click the button below to join Julie's newsletter.
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Layers & Phases of Awakening

Join us from the comfort of your home for this extremely informative and exciting class!

* Discovering the Stages of spiritual growth
* Recognizing and relating to some of the phases to be able to understand your ascension.
* New perspective of You and what to expect.
* Learning to navigate, even the tougher phases.
* Obtaining knowledge on how to safely and productively Awaken.
* Inspiring to give yourself grace during transitions.
* Learning the difference between enlightenment vs Awakening.
* Doing a deep meditation together within, to your higher self or your helping, compassionate spirits and ascended masters.
* Embracing the beautiful and empowering energy of a spiritual like-minded group.
*This class will be recorded, everyone will receive a recording. so, if you’re unable to attend, you will receive a recording upon sign-up.

Date: February 8, 2024 - 6:30-8pm

Location: Online (Zoom)

Price: $20
Feb 08

Spiritual House Cleansing/Blessings & Protection

Date: March 16, 2024 - 1-6pm

Location: Unity Of Fort Wayne Spiritual Center
3232 Crescent Ave. - Ft. Wayne

Price: $125/150 - $75 for retakes
March 16

Certified Reiki 1st Degree infused w/Shamanism

Date: April 7, 2024 - 1-6pm

Location: Sears Pavilion - 1701 Bluffton Rd - Ft. Wayne
Across from the Clyde theater.

Price: $125/150 - $75 for retakes
April 7

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher Degree Usui Reiki, Infused with Shamanism

So excited for you to complete this beautiful and powerful journey of Life-changing wisdom, and healing.

* Training with Julie, with 25 years of continuing training and experience, is excited to share all of her knowledge and experience.

* Learning the last powerful sacred symbol.

* Reviewing extensively, the first two levels.

* Learning in detail how and why, to pass the ancient sacred attunement.

* Practicing on each other, passing attunements, for, however, long it takes for everyone to be comfortable with it.

* Practicing more on doing complete healings on each other, with Julie’s guidance.

* And much more…

* Prerequisite that you have taken certified Reiki first degree and second degree.

Date: April 27, 2024 - 1-6pm

Location: Unity of Fort Wayne Spiritual Center 3232 Crescent Ave. Ft. Wayne, IN

Price: $300 (if paid by Jan. 18) - $350 thereafter. Retake students is $150.
April 27

Shamanism “2” ~ Journey of the Heart

Date: May 19, 2024 - 1-6pm

Location: Sears Pavilion - 1701 Bluffton Rd - Ft. Wayne
Across from the Clyde theater.

Price: $125/150 - retakes $75
Prerequisite: must have taken Shamanism “1”
May 19