On-Demand, Digital Classes

Instant access learning from the comfort of your own home, with on-demand classes from Julie Scott Peters

About Julie's Digital, On-Demand Classes

Experience transformative spiritual growth at your fingertips with Julie’s on-demand, digital classes, covering a wide array of spiritual subjects. These classes offer instant access, allowing you to dive into profound teachings and insights from anywhere in the world, on any device. Designed for convenience and flexibility, they are perfect for those seeking to explore and deepen their spiritual journey from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge on energy healing, meditation, or other spiritual practices, these classes provide valuable tools and guidance at your own pace. Embrace the opportunity to transform your life and connect with your higher self, all with just a click. All classes are approximately 1 hour long and are in video format.

Violet Flame Integration and Healing

Instant access! Digital class! A very powerful experience! Alchemy for Personal Transformation. Powerful and informative class available on-demand, from the comfort of your own home!

New Moon Manifesting & Healing w/Angels

Instant access! Digital class! Learn many different ancient techniques & wisdoms for manifesting your dreams and desires, while using the power of Moon Energy to assist you!

Relationship Gaslighting and Breadcrumbing

Instant access! Digital Class! Informative and healing class, for a deeper understanding of your relationships and You, with expanded perception of what gaslighting and bread crumbing really are.

Working with Your Gifts and Messaging

Instant access! Digital Class! An informative, fun and powerful expansion of You! Learn how to use your gifts and abilities safely and productively.

Breaking Out of Self Sabotaging Box

Instant access, digital class! Are you unconsciously sabotaging your true Path? Are you holding yourself back or allowing others to? Learn the steps of taking Your Power Back.

Shadow Work and Projections

Instant access, digital class! Deep & powerful healing and obtaining some wonderful awareness and knowledge! Why Focusing Only on the Light is a Form of Escapism,, What is Shadow Work, How is Our Shadow Side Formed, What is the Golden Shadow and much more!

Is Your Power Animal Calling You?

Instant access, digital class! Learning the incredible Importance of spiritual Power animals in our life! Understanding of the different qualities they could bring to our lives, doing a special meditation/journey to connect with, perhaps (new) and higher level power animals. And much more!

Are You an Earth Angel or a Star Seed?

Instant access, digital class! Learning about Earth angels and the different types of earth angels, and missions. Learning and understanding the multi levels of star seeds, missions and purposes, empowering information to help you understand your life and navigate in a more important way.

Cosmic Love & Relationships

Instant access, digital class! Very unique insight and information of relationship advice from the Heavens...from the comfort of your home. Understanding Soul Stages. Karmic wheel in relationships. Using moon and north node and much more!

Old Souls Love Relationships and Chakras

Instant access, digital class! Learning why old souls have trouble finding love. Understanding why relationships for old souls can be challenging. Insights on this very important topic. Understanding the importance of chakra and more.

Projections, Ancestral Karma & Cord Cutting

Instant access, digital class! Recognize, Release and heal projections and invisible imprinting. Recognizing if people are mirrors or they’re projecting. Learning not to take things personally or take things on. Recognizing ancestral karma, projections & healing, plus more!

Shamanism Evening – Journey and Power Animals

Instant access, digital class! Learning and understanding this hundred thousand year old heart centered modality of healing and wisdom. Learning and experiencing power animal allies. Learning, understanding and experience how to do a shamanism journey to another reality, safely, plus much more!

You are Gifted and Soul to Soul Communications

Instant access, digital class! You are Gifted! Let us discover, connect and enhance! Learning about the many different variations of gifted abilities. Learning many different techniques to strongly enhance your abilities, connect with a high-level helping compassionate spirits and guides. Plus a lot more!

Spiritual House Cleansing and Protection

Instant access, digital class! Are you stressed, anxious, depressed, insomnia, Bad luck, negative or ill? There could be a Low vibrational Spiritual Issue to all of these. This is A “must experience” class of comprehensive cross training, to empower in these intense changing times. Learning “important foundational” Wisdom. You will learn much cross training that you May not find, together in one workshop elsewhere.