Spiritual House Cleansing and Protection – Digital Class

Instant access, digital class! Are you stressed, anxious, depressed, insomnia, Bad luck, negative or ill? There could be a Low vibrational Spiritual Issue to all of these.

● This is A “must experience” class of comprehensive cross training, to empower in these intense changing times.
● Learning “important foundational” Wisdom
● You will learn much cross training that you May not find, together in one workshop elsewherei.
● Learning how to “Step Up” your spiritual protection, of yourself, your family and your home, in these very toxic intense times.
● Learning several powerful ancient spiritual practices, to incorporate in your life.
● Learning how to cleanse, transfigure, extract, transmutation, Heal, Balance, Seal and bring blessings into your Home and Land.
● We will be doing an Inspirational meditation together.

After purchasing this digital class, you will be able to login and access it instantly, from any device and anywhere in the world! Approximately 1 hour long in video format.