Children's Spiritual Cleansing

A child’s spiritual cleansing session with Julie offers emotional balance, improved well-being, and calmness for children, while providing parents with peace of mind and harmony.

Julie’s long-distance spiritual healing service, tailored for children, is a nurturing and gentle experience where she employs a blend of Hawaiian Shamanism, Reiki, ancient Harmonics, Healing Touch, and various other modalities. Understanding the unique sensitivities of children, Julie uses techniques like music, Krystal/vibrational therapy, aromatherapy, stone therapy, and spirit animal energies to create a serene and comforting healing environment. This service, facilitated with the help of God source energy and compassionate spirits, offers a holistic mind, body, and soul tune-up, reaching deeply into every dimension of a child’s being. It’s designed to alleviate stress, emotional imbalance, insomnia, and other childhood-related concerns, restoring harmony and balance on a profound level. This unique session can profoundly impact your child’s well-being, bringing about peace, clarity, and renewed energy.

How You and Your Child Will Benefit From Children's Spiritual Cleansing

Julie’s spiritual healing service offers children deep emotional and physical relief, enhancing their well-being and balance, while providing parents with peace of mind, witnessing their child’s journey towards improved health, clarity, and a serene state of mind, fostering a harmonious family environment.

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Children: $110 per session - Sessions take approximately 1 hour - Long distance only
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about this service.

All child spiritual cleansing sessions are performed as long-distance sessions only (remotely). Julie is not currently offering in-person sessions.

No, you don't need to do any special preparation with your child or otherwise prepare for their healing session in any way.

Typically, your child (and you) will begin to notice results within the first few hours of a healing session being completed. Julie will provide full instructions on how to enhance the results even further when your child's session is complete.

You can either click here or choose the Contact option from the menu at the top of the page. There you find information on how to contact Julie with any of your questions.