"Everyone and Everything is a Blessing or a Lesson or BOTH"

Well, here I am.

It’s been a truly interesting journey to here. So excited where I continue to go. Like many of you, our life experiences, really sculpt us to where we are today.

Little did I know, Dying at 8 years old from drowning, and being recessated, and two additional near death experiences, truly laid the groundwork, for my life and the work that I am called to do now. My life experiences and extensive training in many areas of metaphysical, esoterical and spiritual life coaching, advising and alternative healing, has given me what we call initiations, by spirit, giving me a profound experience of the other side.

I’m asked all the time how did I get “into all this”? The answer is, I did not choose to do this work, it chose me. God and Spirit, has guided me through many winding roads to make me realize this blessed path is my calling and mission.

With many blessings & lessons in this life and also with the extensive training that I have been truly blessed to receive, has given me a very unique, specialized and compassion, along with my gifts to assist people with finding and discovering their Path and passion. With using extensive training and experience with some very ancient powerful techniques and modalities.

My passion, and excitement Is to see the light come on in peoples eyes, to recognize how very special, powerful and gifted they are.
I truly love all aspects of my work, the teaching, the healings, The soul Retrievals, The readings, spiritual and personal guidance.

Julie Scott Peters
Clear Waters Serenity Center
Phone: 260-459-9200

Your safe haven for Alternative Healing and Learning.