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Learn more about Julie Scott Peters, intuitive empath, shaman and spiritual healer.

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"Everyone and Everything is a Blessing or a Lesson or BOTH"

Julie Scott Peters

Spiritual Advisor

Hello, I’m Julie.

With over 20 years of experience guiding individuals around the globe, my journey as a spiritual healer and teacher has been deeply enriching and transformative. My life was profoundly shaped by personal experiences, beginning with a near-death encounter at the age of eight and followed by two more near-death experiences. These pivotal moments did more than just brush with mortality; they provided me with a unique insight and connection to the spiritual realm, setting the stage for the work I am dedicated to today.

This path wasn’t one I consciously chose; rather, it was a calling that found me. Guided by a higher power, my journey has been a winding road of divine guidance and realization, leading me to embrace this blessed mission as my life’s purpose.

My extensive career, spanning over two decades, has been filled with invaluable lessons and a wealth of knowledge gained through comprehensive training in various metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual disciplines. My particular expertise in Shamanism has been a cornerstone of my practice, enabling me to connect deeply with ancient wisdom and healing techniques that have stood the test of time.

I have been privileged to help people from all corners of the world discover their paths and passions, using my unique blend of skills, empathy, and shamanic practices. The joy I find in my work is immeasurable, especially when I see the spark of recognition in someone’s eyes – an awakening to their own power and gifts.

In every person and every experience, there is a lesson, a blessing, or both. My own journey is a testament to this, and it’s my honor to share the wisdom and insights I’ve gained. With my 20+ years of experience and shamanic expertise, I invite you to explore your potential and embrace the gifts that life has in store for you.

LIVE EVENTS and classes

Learn and Grow with Julie

In-Person and Online

Julie’s live spiritual training events, available both in-person and online, offer a unique opportunity for individuals to engage in profound personal growth and spiritual development. These events are tailored to cater to a wide range of spiritual interests, from beginner to advanced levels.

The flexibility of attending either in-person or online allows individuals from all over the world to participate, regardless of their location. These events are not just learning sessions, but transformative experiences that provide practical skills, insights, and techniques for attendees to apply in their daily lives.