Personal Spiritual Development

Julie’s personal spiritual development service provides customized guidance, deepened spiritual insight, personal growth, a strengthened spiritual connection, and focused one-on-one support.

Julie’s personal spiritual development service offers a one-on-one, deeply personalized journey tailored to your specific interests and goals in spiritual growth. This service is designed to cater to your unique path, whether you are just beginning to explore your spirituality or seeking to deepen your existing practices. Julie collaborates with you to customize the learning experience, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your aspirations and areas of interest. Her expertise spans a large and diverse range of spiritual topics, allowing for a rich and varied exploration of spiritual concepts and practices. With Julie’s guidance, you’ll engage in a transformative process of learning and growth, gaining deeper understanding and mastery over the spiritual dimensions of your life, all at your own pace and in a direction that resonates with you.

How You Will Benefit From Personal Spiritual Development

Through Julie’s personalized spiritual development service, individuals gain tailored guidance, deepening their spiritual understanding and practices, leading to personal growth, heightened self-awareness, and a stronger connection to their spiritual path, all in a nurturing, one-on-one setting that respects their unique journey and goals.

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$95 per session - Sessions take approximately 1 hour - Long distance only
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about this service.

All personal spiritual development sessions are performed as long-distance sessions only (remotely). Julie is not currently offering in-person sessions.

No, you don't need to do any special preparation or otherwise prepare for your personal spiritual development session in any way.

Julie will tailor your session around your unique challenges and goals. They are personalized specifically for you.

You can either click here or choose the Contact option from the menu at the top of the page. There you find information on how to contact Julie with any of your questions.