Julie's Services

Julie offers a range of soul-enriching services including spiritual healing, intuitive tarot readings, and soul retrieval, each designed to nurture deep personal growth and healing.

How Can Julie Help You Today?

Through Julie’s services, you will experience a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. Each session with Julie is an invitation to explore deeper layers of the self, uncover hidden strengths, and foster a greater connection with one’s inner wisdom and the world around you. Her compassionate approach ensures a nurturing and transformative experience, leaving you feeling uplifted, empowered, and more in tune with your true self.

Holistic Spiritual Healing

Feel at peace, lighter, with more clarity, energy and more like yourself.

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Gain clarity in your life now, in the past and in the next year and a half.

Soul Retrieval

Bringing back all of your soul pieces, vital essences and power.

Beyond Soul Retrieval

Helps you rebuild your life with passion, meaning and happiness.

Children's Spiritual Cleansing

Return the joy, innocence and imagination to your child.

Pet Spiritual Healing/Clearing

Heal your pet physically, emotionally and spiritually.

House & Land, Spiritual Clearing, Healing, Blessing

Remove negative energies and attachments to your home and land.

Personal Spiritual Development

Get a personal, one to one spiritual class with Julie.

Personal & Spiritual Life Coaching

Receive on-going, personal, spiritual support and coaching from Julie.