Life Changing Classes and Services To Reduce Stress, Gain Clarity and Enhance Personal Growth

PLEASE NOTE: Only The Following Long Distance and Online Services Are Available Due To The Pandemic

Long Distance Holistic Spiritual Healing

During a Holistic Spiritual Healing session, Julie uses Hawaiian Shamanism, Shamanism, Reiki, ancient Harmonics, Healing touch, Music, Krystal/vibrational therapy, aromatherapy, stone therapy, spirit animal energies and more. to make you feel at peace, lighter, with more clarity, energy and more like yourself.

By using 10 different modalities, help of God source energy, helping compassionate spirits and music therapy, Julie creates a de-stressing mind, body, soul tune-up and a deep reaching into all dimensions of your being.

Some of the modalities Julie uses include music, light therapy, stone therapy, Aromatherapy, ancient techniques of angel touch, Shamanism, Reiki and extraction to restore the body and mind to harmony on a very deep level.

A session so unique you have to experience to believe, which can help with eliminating stress, fogginess, headaches, emotional issues, bad luck, insomnia, anxiety, depression, illness, low energy, aches and pains and more.

Sessions take approximately 1 hour.  Only long-distance phone/video healings are available, with many years of experience and great results.

Adults: $125 per session

Children 11 and under: $110 per session

Phone or Video Intuitive Tarot Readings

Intuitive Tarot Card Readings with Julie are very informative and provide clarity into what is going on in your life now, in the recent past and the next year and a half of your life to come.

Your future is by choice. Julie will show you your destiny as you originally had planned, but God always gives you the power of free will and free choice.

With over 15 years experience working with God Source and helping compassionate spirits, Julie becomes a vessel of information, guidance and healing. Each reading includes medium-ship with passed loved ones, life mapping, growth path for upcoming year, complete Tarot Card reading with all cards, intuitive life coaching and spiritual guidance and mini Angel Card Reading.

Only long-distance phone/video readings are available, very experienced and very effective, can be recorded and sent. $125- ($10 extra for digital audio recording).

Long Distance Soul Retrieval

Only long-distance phone/video services available. 100,000 year old, ancient profound, healing ceremony, of bringing back all of your soul pieces, vital Essences, and Your Power.
  • Through emotional and physical trauma, we lose pieces of our soul, we also give away pieces, of our soul and people take pieces of our soul. These do not come back on their own.
  • We also lose vital essences, like self love, self value, trust, confidence, and more.
  • Also, can equate to physical and emotional issues, Ancestral imprinting and toxic relationships.
  • This will take 3 to 4 hrs.
  • Investment in you, for this life-changing, beautiful healing session. is $395.
  • Book it online or contact for more information.
  • More descriptive process of this, is available by contacting us.

Beyond Soul Retrieval

Only long-distance phone/video services available.

Beyond Soul Retrieval is an inspirational & informative rebuilding of You 

After your life changing soul retrieval, this informative session is to help you rebuild your life with passion, meaning and happiness! 

This is truly, icing on the cake, to teach you Inspiring new habits, patterns and thinking, so you won’t have a tendency to backsliding to the old  habits of wounded thinking, habits and patterns and life.  Teaching you very profound new tools to really take Flight forward in your adventure and transition of life. 

One hour session includes a digital recording – $95.

Pet Long Distance Spiritual Healing/Clearing

Only long-distance phone/video services available.
With Spirit, there is no separation. Healing takes approximately an hour and then a phone call would be made afterward, to explain results of the healing. $95 .

House and Land, Spiritual Long Distance Clearing, Healing, Blessings and Balance

Only long-distance phone/video services available.
After the land and House Clearing and blessings, will receive a phone call explaining the results. $295.

Personal, One-On-One, Customized Spiritual Development Training Classes/Mentoring

Only long-distance phone/video services availableGetting a personal one to one class, with Julie via video or phone, one hour sessions. (At this time, no in person sessions).

Customizing to what you want to learn and direction of your spiritual understanding and growth in.

You will receive email instructional and outlines of the topics that you are wanting to train in.

Upon booking ahead and pre-paying six appointments, you will receive a discount. Talk to Julie about more info.

Large and diverse topics of training. Email for examples or suggestions, of the huge training list.

$95 an hour for this personalized and customized training.


Personal & Spiritual Life Coaching and Advising – Long Distance Phone/Video Only.

$95 Per hour – * Julie is a certified Holistic Life Coach

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