Beyond Soul Retrieval: The Journey of Surviving to Thriving Alchemy of the Soul

Paperback Version – Personally Autographed

Julie Scott Peters’ personally autographed paperback guides you on the journey to becoming your best self after a soul retrieval. This book supports those who have reclaimed their soul pieces and vital essences, helping to rebuild their lives and fulfill their sacred contracts and destiny. It’s an invaluable tool for those who feel something is missing, experience chronic sadness, depression, anxiety, repeated negative patterns, or chronic illnesses.

Soul pieces and vital essences can be lost or given away through emotional and physical traumas, and only with the help of a skilled shaman or practitioner can they be recovered. Julie, with over 20 years of extensive training and experience in various spiritual and healing disciplines, specializes in soul retrieval and offers remote and long-distance services. Her book is a crucial companion for anyone on this transformative journey.


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