Beyond Soul Retrieval: The Journey of Surviving to Thriving 🦋 Alchemy of the Soul

Paperback Version – Personally Autographed

Welcome to the beautiful journey of the Empowered, complete and healthy You!

Now that you have all of “Soul pieces and vital essences” back, changed your vibration and your dynamics of You. It’s time to start rebuilding, Your true destiny, completing your sacred agreements and contracts, to become the best version of yourself!

Allow this book to assist and Support You, after the Soul Retrieval. Embracing the best version of You, your unlimited Potential and Your Destiny!

* Haven’t had the huge blessing of this life-changing Soul Retrieval?
* Feel like something is Missing?
* Chronic sadness,Depression and anxiety?
* Are you tired of repeating the same patterns and cycles?
* Chronic bad luck and chronic illnesses?

Through emotional and physical traumas, big and small, we lose pieces of our soul and Vital essences. People also, can take pieces of our soul, we also, give away pieces of our soul and essences, energetically. They do not come back on their own. With the help of spirit and a highly trained and experienced shaman or shamanic practitioner, can facilitate this beautiful ceremony of You.
Having the Sacred Soul Retrieval done, this 100,000 year old healing session, will Change Your Life. You truly will receive all of YOU back.

Julie Scott Peters – Nationally and Internationally Holistic spiritual Healer,Teacher, Speaker, Medium, Spiritual and personal Advisor, Author. With 20 years of Extensive training and experience, in Shamanism, Soul Retrieval ,Reiki, Hawaiian Shamanism, Mediumship, Tarot, Life Mapping & Destiny, and many modalities of Healing, Metaphysics and Spirituality. Specializing in remote and long-distance services.

Beyond Soul Retrieval: The Journey of Surviving to Thriving 🦋 Alchemy of the Soul
Beyond Soul Retrieval: The Journey of Surviving to Thriving 🦋 Alchemy of the Soul
Paperback Version - Personally Autographed

Transcend Into Peace, Bliss and Tranquility with Julie's Heal & Empower Guided Meditations

The Heal & Empower Guided Meditations CD

In this totally unique CD, you will experience 3 powerful, guided meditations re-connecting to your true self, spiritual protection, cutting and release toxic control cords and emotions that you suppress, enabling you to cultivate, thrive and reach your true potential and destiny.

Just sit back, close your eyes and listen as Julie guides you through three life-altering meditations that will leave you feeling tranquil, serene, focused and empowered.

You’ll be able to feel tension and anxiety melt away as your breathing becomes calm and controlled, you’ll experience the weight of your troubles becoming lighter before disappearing for good and you’ll be left with a sense of peace, bliss and euphoria that you never knew possible.

Heal & Empower Guided Meditation CD (Sale $10 Discount)
Heal & Empower Guided Meditation CD (Sale $10 Discount)
Single CD

Discover Your Spiritual Path and True Destiny

The Most Comprehensive Spirituality Training Available

Imagine living a life full of passion, purpose and certainty.

Where you wake up each morning refreshed, eager and excited at what the day holds for you. Where you seem to be immune to stress, negativity and the worries that paralyze so many other people.

Imagine the sound of laughter, the smiles and joy that surround your every waking moment. Where everything just seems to always be going your way, as if some power is guiding you down an exhilarating path you were meant to take.

Imagine the gentle, thoughtful and caring touch of your soul mate, as your connection to them grows deeper with every breath. And never-ending feelings of fulfillment and wonder that seem to envelop every moment of your day. Finally, imagine laying down at night and feeling profound satisfaction, before gently drifting into a deep, restful sleep.

And imagine waking up tomorrow…and getting to do it all over again.


Your Spirit Guides Have Been Waiting To Take You On This Journey


But only when you’re ready. And only when you know how to communicate with them.

The problem is that most people are never ready. And are never even aware these spirit guides and teachers even exist. So instead, they live a life of quiet despair. A life full of insomnia, worries, stress, unfulfilling relationships and disappointing careers.

But now is your opportunity to end this destructive cycle of unhealthy patterns. To discover what your spiritual path and true destiny is. And to have your spirit guides and teachers help every step of the way.

How? Through the profound teachings of Julie Scott Peters and her groundbreaking new Spirit Class DVD set. Packed with over 7 hours of Julie’s world-class knowledge and wisdom, you’ll discover how to easily live a life you only dreamed of…but never though possible.


Change Your Life In One Weekend


Without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

With Julie’s Spirit Class DVD’s, you’ll gain access to a deep, ancient and powerful set of knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else. Knowledge that can transform your thoughts, your body, your mind and your soul almost immediately.

For instance, you’ll discover ancient harmonics, which literally open you up to receiving unlimited help and guidance from spirits who have been assigned to do only one thing; help you reach your true destiny.

You’ll discover the secrets of vibration and how to dramatically elevate your own vibration, instantly drawing to you the people, events and things which will can have a profound, lasting, positive effect on your life.

And you’ll also discover why it seems that up until now, you’ve only have bad luck (or no luck at all) in your life. The reasons aren’t what you think. But Julie will teach you how to change this…how to hit the off switch…reversing the pattern. You’ll feel lighter, with a rush of confidence and where every move you make suddenly becomes the right one.


Tear Up The Script of the Life You’ve Been Living


Your disappointments, your failures, your unhappiness and your dissatisfaction in life have all been part of a script. A script you began writing as a child. And a script you are totally unaware of.

But in the Spirit Class DVD’s, Julie will show you how to immediately tear up this script…along with all of the sorrow, heartache and stress it has caused you. And how to write your new life script, one that will not only give you the full, unlimited and almost magical support of your spirit guides and teachers, but one that will have you squarely on the path of your true destiny.

Have you ever been around someone that makes you feel safe and peaceful…where everything is going to be alright? Someone who seems to always make the right choices, always has a smile on their face and always has the answers to any problem? Someone who seems to be living a perfect life?

Those are people who are on their spiritual path…who are living their true destiny.

And in the Spirit Class DVD’s, Julie will show you how to do this too.? How to tear up the script and start new. How to remove unseen, negative forces from your life. How to connect and receive unlimited, loving assistance from your spirit guides. And how to do it not in days, months or years…but in hours.

Julie’s Spirit Class 5 Disc DVD set contains over 7 hours of the most profound, life-changing training available…all shipped straight to your door.

Awaken Your True Self (Sale $20 Discount)
Awaken Your True Self (Sale $20 Discount)
5 disc DVD set

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